Extruder Twin Screw

Extruder Twin Screw made in china

Screw Design

The new taper angle of the screw machines makes possible new screw geometries for enhanced barrel-temperature-mediated processing, and a pressure build up with minimal stressing of the plastic material.
In pipe extrusion, the new screws are capable of processing equally well formulations with high filler content, and in profile extrusion, high output rates can be achieved at low screw speeds.

conical Twin Screw


Screw and Barrel Life

With a novel plasma molybdenum coating technique,Cincinnati Extrusion is able to manufacture processing units with exceptional lifetimes. The wearing layer achieved with this technique is denser, more compact and less brittle than molybdenum coatings applied with customary methods and represents an optimal match of the barrel surface layer guaranteeing extreme abrasion resistance.

Internal Screw Temperature Control Intracool

The completely maintenance-free internal screw temperature control system Intracool utilises the vaporisation of a liquid medium to transport excess heat from the metering zone and to return it to the feed zone to assist heating the incoming material. The system not only ensures efficient control of the screw temperature but also saves energy. It is self-adapting and does not require adjustments. Cooling of the screw core by means of oil circulating through an external heat exchanger is not required.

Extruder Twin Screw

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