How to Troubleshoot an Extruder

Extruder failures, generally it is the event refers to the extruder system loss or reduce its required function when using. Extruder function embodies its production activities in the presence of extruded products value and level of assurance for extrusion. Many reason for an extruder failure; drive train failure, lack of material, or leaking product at the die are some areas of failure. The extruder screw not turning is another common failure. Troubleshooting extruder operation quickly and efficiently is a key skill to reduce downtime.

How to Troubleshoot an Extruder?


  • Check the power to the motor. Ensure power is turned either by switching on the extruder motor or the electrical power source is turned on.
  • Ensure the barrel temperature is correct. If the barrel was not cleaned or cleaned improperly residue from the previous production run may be preventing the barrel from running. Allow the barrel to come up to the proper temperature to allow the material to melt.
  • Check the gearbox for oil. The oil pump may be turned off or the gear box may have overheated and went in to automatic shutdown.
  • Check the water feed to the gearbox. If the water is not turned on the gearbox oil can over heat. If this is the case turn on the water and allow the gear box to cool until it will operate.
  • Tear the extruder down and ensure there is no object interfering with the rotation of the extruder screw. Metal or other objects lodged in the extruder barrel may stop the extruder from turning
  • Check the torque converter. If maximum torque was reached, a safety feature will shut the extruder down. Reset the torque converter and restart the extruder.

In modern extruder production, due to the complex structure of the extruder, high degree of automation, hydraulic, electrical control and machinery are very closely linked, therefore extruder fails, even if it is partial failure,will cause the entire extruder shutdowns. Extruder fault directly affect the quantity and quality of the extruded product.


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